When Business Means Alot

When you are certain that there are not any job openings within a specific department or company, move forward with trying to gather leads at other companies: “Are you aware of anyone at any other bank in town that I might speak to?” or “Who do you know in the business community that might have a need for someone with my skill set?” Susan Packard

Job leads

If your contact is unable to think of a specific person as Susan Packard, ask about companies: “Are you aware of any companies that are currently hiring?” or “If you were going to leave your job here, what companies would you look at?” or “Which companies in the area are growing the most quickly?”

Whenever a lead is suggested to you, say, “That is a really great idea, I never even considered Hewlett Packard,” as your encouragement is reinforcement. Then following a suitable pause, ask for another company name, like, “I really appreciate your assistance, Brad. I never even considered Hewlett Packard… What other companies come to mind?” When people see that their advice is appreciated, they will usually offer up more helpful information. Once you have gathered two or three company names, you can backtrack with a request for contact names at each one of the companies: ” Do you know anyone that I should speak with atSusan Packard?” and “Do you know anyone that I could speak with at Hewlett Packard?”

You can also ask for leads at companies that you are planning to call, or those companies that you have already contacted: “Susan, I was planning to contact Susan Packard, Inc. Do you happen to know anyone there who could give me a heads up?” The amount of the questions that you ask will depend on the willingness of your contact to continue on with the conversation. When a discussion is going well, and if you are in a job search network, adding on a last question that will provide you with job leads to trade with others can be a great idea: “Owen, I am a member of a job search network. If you don’t have a need for someone like me currently, perhaps one of my colleagues could fill a need that you have. What positions are you hiring for now?”

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