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Wallpaper Removing Service in Chappaqua

There is a constant battle within yourself when it comes to throw a new coat of paint or applying wallpaper to your house. Weighing all the options often leaves you confused and overwhelmed, how a single decision could change everything. You need a solid and specific plan to beautify, transform and modify your rooms.

Wallpapers have advantages in time, because they last longer than paints. They could last up to 10 years if you maintain it well. In long term, it could also save you money because they don’t need to be retouch for cracks and chips. You could also get a sophisticated looks from wallpapers for its design and finished look to your rooms.

However, one of the disadvantages from wallpaper is hard to remove. Wrong techniques and bad or wrong usage amount of glue are the reasons why you struggled so hard to remove your wallpaper. You could paint it over, but it will only make it look worse. Probably you’ve tried the hard way by scrapping it, then it leaves you with ugly and scarred wall. Somehow, you just lost your patience.

It is probably the best time to call the service of Painter in Chappaqua, to help you remove the wallpapers. We, Genesis Pro Painting, offer you the best service of wallpaper removing and we guaranteed, the process will not leave a single mark on your walls. We have the experts and the perfect tools to help you striped your wallpaper flawlessly.

Our company has been in the business since the 2004, and our leader, Genesis Macedo is an expert that has been painting from 1998. All of our products are certified by EPA (Environmental Protection Agency of U.S.), so you can be sure that not a single harmful and toxic material residue will remain in your house after the project is finished.