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Foot ascender

Foot ascenders are parts of climbing tools where climbers put cam featured on their shoes to allow them to slide the ascender up the rope, stand on the foot and straighten their body. Foot ascenders make the climbers use their legs’ muscles to advance their weight on the rope. A foot ascender only can be used when climbers are climbing by the rope. It is better for climbers to choose foot ascenders which can be locked to be used when climbing rather than non locking foot acendants as they can be easily taken off the rope, which can be dangerous for the climbers.

Locking foot ascendants give tight grips onto the rope so that they need to be manually dis attached by the climbers to be taken off the rope. Some climbers prefer to remove the foot ascender once they have arrived on the top while others will just simply dis attache the foot ascenders and continue to wear it.